International Workshop on
Multimedia for Personal Health and Health Care

Multimedia and multi-modal sensors have become an integral part of our lives. We take pictures and videos, communicate with rich media beyond voice and text, we post to Instagram and Facebook, and collect tremendous amounts of sensor data about our lives through our devices. This opens amazing opportunities to solve personal and societal challenges, but also imposes new and so far unforeseen questions. Multimedia has thus evolved into a core enabler for future interactive and cooperative applications at the heart of society.

Managing one’s health is among the most personal and most important challenges. Within this workshop, we will therefore explore the relevance, contribution and future directions of multimedia to health care and personal health
. Contributions of multimedia in this field now already range from medical imaging to daily life monitoring, from hi-tech medical devices to low-cost wearable sensors to analyses of personal media archives. Furthermore the ongoing progress in both multimedia and medical research, will lead to new opportunities and future growth in this exciting field.