Program of HealthMedia 2018
9:00 Opening, welcome
9:15 Keynote
(Chair: Ramesh Jain)
Health Record Tracking Enhancement based on Multimedia and Machine Learning for Mobile Healthcare: Trends and Challenges
Seongho Cho (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Session 1: Biosignals (Chair: Susanne Boll)
Quantifying the Signal Quality of Low-cost Respiratory Effort Sensors for Sleep Apnea Monitoring. Fredrik Løberg (University of Oslo); Vera Goebel (University of Oslo); Thomas Plagemann (University of Oslo)
Automatic Estimation of Enjoyment Levels during Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise. Haolin Wie (Dublin City University); Kieran Moran (Dublin City University); Noel E O'Connor (Dublin City University)
Differences in Psychophysiological Reactions to Anxiety in Individuals with Varying Trait Anxiety Scores. Ramesh Tadayon (Arizona State University); Chetan Gupta (Arizona State University); Debbie Crews (OptiBrain); Troy McDaniel (Arizona State University)
12:00 Session 2: Understanding user behavior (Chair: Jochen Meyer)
Contextual Assesments and Biomarker in Agitation Prediction for ADHD Patients. Torben Wallbaum (OFFIS); Marcel Schulze (University of Bonn); Niclas Braun (University of Bonn); Alexandra Philipsen (University of Bonn); Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg)
Activity Recognition in New Smart Home Environments. Wei Wang (Nanyang Technological University); Chunyan Miao (Nanyang Technological University)
Multimodal Food Journaling. Hyungik Oh (UC Irvine); Jonathan Nguyen (UC Irvine); Soundarya Soundararajan(UC Irvine); Ramesh Jain

13:00 Lunch Break

14:30 Session 3: Interaction and interventions
(Chair: Noel E. O’Connor)
Speech and Gestures for Smart-Home Control and Interaction for Older Adults. Anbarasan (University of Glasgow); Jeannie Lee (Singapore Institute of Technology)
ActiStairs: Design and acceptance of a technology-based intervention to advocate stair-climbing in public spaces. Jochen Meyer (OFFIS); Kai von Holdt (OFFIS); Elke Beck (OFFIS); Dirk Gansefort (BIPS); Tilman Brand (BIPS); Hajo Zeeb (BIPS); Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg)
Functional Case Study Evaluation of the SmartGym: An Anticipatory System to Detect Body Compliance. Arash Tadayon (Arizona State University); Troy McDaniel (Arizona State University); Sethuraman Panchanathan (Arizona State University)

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Discussion
Breakout groups for discussion in smaller groups
Presentation of results, summary, conclusion
17:30 End of workshop