Personal health and health care involves some of the state of the art technologies in multimedia. Multimedia technologies related to health and personal health can range from medical imaging to daily life monitoring. Medical imaging itself can range from molecular imaging that visualize biological processes, to x-ray, ultrasound, MRI scans, CAT scans etc that visualize the internal body. In recent years, the rapidly increasing use of wearable and environmental sensors is providing a rich source of data describing numerous aspects of a person’s daily life, behavior and lifestyle. Additionally, a great variety of wearable and ambient sensors have been developed and are constantly being improved and incorporated in peoples’ daily lives, measuring physiological parameters in a non-intrusive and accurate manner, and producing new types of multimedia.

This data comes in a multitude of formats, targeted at virtually any type of device, thanks to efforts in web and mobile technology. As a result, electronic healthcare records (EHRs) are also adapting, to allow for the inclusion of medical imagery and other multimedia files, enabling the protection of privacy in their storage and transmission, while also allowing their rapid and reliable communication when needed. With the machine learning that were making large advancements in recent years, we will be able to provide holistic analysis and prediction of personal health and medical health at a scale that we have never seen before.
Multimedia in personal health and personal health-care also comes with an enormous demand of visualizing and interpreting multimodal health data. These visualizations are not only visualization patient data and supporting decisions and diagnosis. The also more and more serve the important role of management chronical disease, coaching and cooperation between different stakeholders such as patients, medical doctors and care takers.

In this workshop we want to explore the challenges and potentials of multimedia for and in personal health and health care.

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